250ml Amber PET Pump Bottle

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  • 250ml Bottle
  • PET is BPA Free, strong and best plastic choice for use with essential oils
  • Recyclable
  • Strong black pump included

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This 250ml Amber PET Pump Bottle is perfect for your DIY products such as Dishwashing Liquid and Body Wash. It is a safe choice to use in areas such as the kitchen and bathroom as they will not break like glass can.

You can use the 250ml Amber PET Pump Bottle for these recipes

Dish Liquid
Castile soap is a staple of low-tox DIY and is amazingly effective at cleaning and cleansing. Add your choice of essential oil to this dish liquid recipe, but citrus is usually best as it cuts through grease.  Lemon is simple and cheap, or try doTERRA's On Guard blend if you want the added reassurance of a protective blend.
DIY Dishwashing Liquid using essential oils
Creamy Body Wash
This luscious body wash recipe is great for the whole family and is gentle and safe for children, and can also be used as a smooth and creamy hand wash.
You can tailor it each time with your choice of essential oils, or even divide the batch before adding your oils so that each family member has their preferred scent.
Low tox body wash recipe




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