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How do I get doTERRA Essential Oils?

There are 2 ways you can purchase doTERRA products

    1. Retail – Pay RRP (recommended retail price) for all products

    2. Wholesale – 25% off retail prices. Either purchase a membership ($35) + oils of your choice, OR purchase a Starter Kit and the membership fee is waived.


Recommended Retail Prices


Recommended Retail Price for oils and products. If you only wanted an oil or 2, this might be cheaper than purchasing a wholesale membership (but unlikely)
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Starter Kit

No membership fee. Kits are more cost effective than purchasing products individually. 25% off future orders

Starter Kit

The smartest way to purchase and get started using your oils. These collections are carefully constructed to get you incorporating oils in your every day life. By purchasing a Starter Kit, your $35 membership fee is waived and you save by buying in a collection rather than individual products
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25% off Recommended Retail Prices


Invest $35 upfront, then pay wholesale prices for whichever oils or products you choose (much like a Costco membership). This is a good option if you only want a couple of products or specific products not in an enrolment kit.
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Still confused?

Ok, I’ll tell you straight up – the best way to get your oils is by choosing a Starter Kit. It simply offers the best value.

So, let me show you the most popular options:

Frequently Asked questions

If I join, do I have to sell doTERRA?

Nope, not at all!  The majority of doTERRA users are simply customers who love their oils.  However, if you do want to start sharing your experience after you start using your oils and seeing the goodness they bring, that’s great!  We can talk more about how we can do that together.

If you just want the oils, that’s totally fine.

Do I have to purchase every month?

Again, nope!  You aren’t obligated to purchase anything more than your initial order, however, once you join you have access to wholesale prices for 12 months, so you can order at the discounted price whenever you like.  You will be supplied with login details to your own ‘virtual office’ so you are in charge of placing orders of what you like, when you like.

How do I get free products?

doTERRA have a very generous Loyalty Rewards Program which allows you to accrue points for orders you place (much like Woolworths Rewards or Fly Buys – only far better!).  I now get 30% of each of my orders back in points to spend on future orders (this is in addition to the 25% off RRP).

If you would like more information about the Loyalty Rewards Program and how it works, get in touch and I can give you further information. I’m also a self confessed superstar at how to get the most out of your accrued points, so I’d be more than happy to share my tips and tricks.

Why Join here?

The Essential Guide community has a wealth of knowledge and resources to share with you to support you in using your oils.  By joining via my links you will have access to this support and knowledge and you can connect in with us anytime with any questions you might have.
I started The Essential Guide to make it as simple as possible to get people using their essential oils every day and that doesn’t just mean I created a pretty website.  In addition to the awesome benefits doTERRA offers when you become a member, when you join The Essential Guide Team, you will:

    • Receive a comprehensive welcome guide with tricks, tips, resources and links to help you get the most out of your oils and start using them straight away.
      Be invited to join our Facebook Communities which provide a wealth of knowledge and support from people who have first hand knowledge of using doTERRA products.  Here you can ask whatever questions you might have so you can get an answer to your direct question… more googling and hoping you find the answer!
      Receive regular newsletters to help you build on your knowledge of essential oils and learn new ways on how you can incorporate them into your every day life.
      Learn how you can receive a bigger discount on your doTERRA products by purchasing smarter while still keeping within your budget.

And best of all……

    • You will be joining a team full of love and heart.  I am grateful to be on this journey and discovery of natural health.   I am here to give you the knowledge and support for you to make informed and educated choices.  doTERRA products have positively impacted my life, and I am honoured to be able to share my journey with my team and to be a small part of theirs.

What happens when I click the 'Join Now' button?

Just follow the instructions on the screen and you should be joined up and waiting for your first doTERRA box in next to no time!

One of the most popular questions is “what is the difference between a Wholesale Customer and a Wellness Advocate?”.  The simple answer to that is that they are exactly the same, except a wholesale customer won’t be able to earn commissions should they wish to share doTERRA’s products.  If you are unsure what to choose, just choose ‘Wholesale Customer’ and we can always change it later should you wish to start sharing and earning commissions.

Do you want more guidance in filling out the enrolment? Sure!  Follow this link to some step by step instructions.  Don’t worry it will open in a new tab so you can follow along as you go.

Do you have more questions?  Would you prefer I just did it for you?

No problem – I’d love to hear from you!  Get in touch here

One last note

You can only join The Essential Guide team if you don’t already have an existing doTERRA account.  If you have an account already, reach out to the person who first introduced you, or get in touch with doTERRA’s Australian Head Office to discuss your options.

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