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  • Save by buying in a kit
  • Everything you need to make your own Bath Bombs
  • Perfect if you are new to DIY, or if you want to top up your supplies
  • Great gift!

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The Bath Bombs DIY Kit makes it super easy to make your own Bath Bombs at home. This Kit also makes the perfect gift (especially for the kiddies!), particularly if you are wanting to introduce others to low tox DIY. It contains most of the ingredients* you will need to easily make your own Bath Bombs, including ingredients, Bath Bomb moulds, and printed instructions.

The Bath Bomb kit contains

Citric Acid – 500g

Sodium Bicarbonate – 500g

Fractionated Coconut Oil – 250ml

Spherical mould to make Bath Bombs

Printed instructions

*BYO Cornflour

You can use the Bath Bomb DIY Kit to make the following recipe

Fizzing Bath Bombs
Choose your mood for your next bath by adding your preferred essential oils to these fun and easy to make Bath Bombs.
Fizzing Bath Bombs using low tox ingredients and essential oils
Weight1.35 kg
Dimensions22 × 16 × 10 cm


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