How to get the most out of your doTERRA order and get discounted and free oils

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How to get the most out of your doTERRA order and get discounted and free oils

The Magic 50pv
Why is it such a key figure? Let me run you through it….
Our monthly wellness subscription – known as our Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) – is the smartest way to order.  And I want you to truly understand how AMAZING it is.
First, let me get this out of the way:

  • You are in complete control of what you order and when it ships.
  • You can order whatever you want each month.  Lots or a little, it’s up to you.
  • You are not locked into anything.  You can cancel your Loyalty Rewards template at any time.

Got it?  Good. Read on to learn how you save $$ and get more oils for free.

Why is a 50pv monthly order MAGIC?
1. Let’s start with shipping. You get 8 points back every time you ship an order. This makes shipping practically free.
2. You earn 10-30% back on your order in product redeemable points (depending on how long you have been ordering through the Loyalty Reward Program). This means right from the start that if your order is 100pv you get 10pv back. Add the shipping points and BOOM! You now have 18 points to spend just from 1 order!
3. Every 3 months you progress from 10%-30%, which means after 13 months you will get 30% of your orders back in points. That means your 100pv order will now earn you 38 points to spend on future orders. At 30% back you end up having soooo many points to spend on free products. It really is amazing how fast they add up (I currently have 127 points sitting in my account to use at my leisure!)
The caveat is that to earn a % back in points your order needs to hit the MAGIC 50pv.
So to recap, every order 50pv or over will progress you up in 10-30% and earn you product points to redeem for future orders.
4. You can earn commission depending on how many people are in your doTERRA tree. You only need 50pv order to get a 2% commission payment. YES!! you can earn commission even if you have never introduced a single person to doTERRA. This will show up as AR Balance and that is cashola my friends. To spend on oils or you can have it paid into your bank account.
5. 50pv is sustainable long term. That’s about $60-70 a month on doTERRA products. Get your toothpaste, soap, high use oils, grab a few products every month, and you keep progressing from 10-30% and you get points back all with the magic 50pv.  Remember that as you are learning more about your oils and using them every day, you will no longer be buying nearly as much at the supermarket and pharmacy.  I’ve certainly found that the money I’ve saved in spending less at the shops has enabled me to purchase more doTERRA products and grow my oil collection.
6. Are you with me on 50pv? Don’t go gangbusters and get everything and then cancel – get strategic about your orders (it’s something I pride myself on!)
Also, ordering with doTERRA is such a great way to have a global impact on where your money is being spent, we are change makers. That 50pv you spend each month supports our co-impact farmers and helps doTERRA change lives. For me that is so very important. Yes I can go buy a $5 spray and wipe full of endocrine disrupting chemicals, or I can buy my oils and make a years supply of bench spray for the same cost.
7. Adjust your order up or down. If you love the free product of the month, go ahead and place that 125pv order. If you love the 200pv promo, go ahead and place that 200pv order. If you need a very quiet budget month and can’t get to the 50PV, then you can buy a soap or lip balm, stay in the program and keep all your points (you just won’t progress your % points that month). You are in control. You can cancel at any time, but I want you to think about that 50pv and how you can divert your supermarket spending and be rewarded for it. The points add up very quickly.
8. If you have been a previous lover of the monthly order but cancelled for what ever reason. You can start it back up again and be rewarded for your 50pv!

So how do you start?  Login to and create an LRP template.  Start your list now and you choose when it ships.  Confused? Have questions?  Don’t know your login? Haven’t yet joined The Essential Guide Team and got your doTERRA account (say what?!?) Please get in touch – I’m here to help you.

I want you to USE your oils and get the most value possible – <3 Alison

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